Are you looking for a new workplace where you can develop your talents as an IT, HR, or operations professional? Are you contemplating where you are now in your career, and where you want to go next? I’d love to sit down with you and offer my guidance, network, and expertise to explore options.

Listening to people means getting to know them

A network doesn’t build itself. I’ve been connecting clients and professionals since 2009. I’ve achieved this mostly by listening. Effectively, listening to what people and organizations want is the first step towards the perfect match.

Candid interviews with candidates

I listen to professionals in a candid interview. This enables me to identify your needs clearly, and gives me a better idea of how you can add value for a client or job. The reason for our conversation can be two-fold: it might be based on a specific vacancy I have available, or it could also be because you’re considering a career change and would like me to help you explore options. Both are excellent starting points. They could be followed by taking a good look at your CV, for example, or I could connect you with someone in my network who might be able to help you further.

‘Having open and honest interviews enables me to identify your needs clearly, and gives me a better idea of how you can add value for a client or job.’

Transparent and honest communication

Transparent and honest communication
Throughout the search, I stay in close contact with my clients as well as with the candidates. I act as a consultant and strategic sounding board for both parties. Transparent and honest communication ensures the best match.

When introducing potential candidates to clients, I always provide a complete profile, including a motivation letter, an up-to-date CV, salary indication, a short recap of my interview with you, and my personal feedback on the candidate’s personality.

The perfect match

Your competencies mean a great deal to me, your personal traits significantly less. I am convinced that people with different backgrounds and perspectives truly make businesses flourish. That is a driving force in my way of working. I’m proud to say that in recent years, I’ve matched countless clients with professionals from all walks of life: people nearing retirement, people with a disability, pregnant women, and even a professional who took a six-fold drop in salary. I love looking beyond the surface and seeing no limitations, only opportunities. It’s really about having the right professional in the right job.